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The Best Shower of My Life! How I Found Total Mind & Body Rejuvenation
Transform your shower into a luxury oasis—all you need is one tab!
1,202 ratings
Indulge in your moment with Clarity Steamers
The luxury of a bath bomb in the convenience of a shower!
Elevate your daily shower into a spa-like oasis
Molly Pritchard
Wed Sep 06 2023 09:23:46 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
I was rundown and stress reactions were coursing through my body. I felt like I was carrying a million pounds.
I needed relief and relaxation. I wanted wellness and clarity of mind.
Also, I wanted a little treat, just for me.
I learned about Onsen & Bloom Clarity Shower Steamers from my co-worker. She slipped me a Clarity steamer tab and whispered, “Try this!”
That tab became the one easy addition to my routine that changed my life. I placed it in my shower and felt stress and tension pour out of my body in waves. I was enveloped in healing steam that smells amazing. I breathed deeply, and never looked back.
How I felt before I tried Clarity steamers:
Tired and Worn Down
Stress Flare-Ups
Brain Fog
Prioritizing self-care is crucial for easing your mental load.
My daily shower was transformed into effortless self-care. A soothing haven of wellness—natural eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lemon ingredients with the healing benefits of aroma and steam.
The delicious scent lingers all day. I can’t stop thinking about my next shower!
Affordable Luxury at Less Than $2
Elevate your daily routine without breaking the bank! For less than $2 per steamer, you can transform ordinary showers into a lavish spa experience. Don't miss out on the easiest and most affordable way to prioritize your self-care.
Relaxation of A Bath Bomb…
…in the convenience of a shower!
Place one tab on your shower floor, in a space where water flows gently, avoiding the direct stream from your shower head. Let the warm water work its magic, releasing a captivating scent that makes every shower a lavish indulgence.
Refresh. Revitalize. Renew!
Inhale deeply and let the enchantment of eucalyptus, grapefruit and lemon relieve decongestion and clear your mind. 
All Natural Ingredients
Immerse yourself in the world of authentic aromatherapy! Crafted without chemicals or artificial fragrances, each tab complements a single shower or around 10-15 mins of pure bliss.
Why Clarity Steamers Are Perfect Self Care
Experience pure bliss and relaxation with Onsen & Bloom
I never imagined one tiny tab would smell so fantastic or do so much for me. Pure and natural Onsen & Bloom Clarity Shower Steamers:
💚 Improve blood circulation
💚 Boost metabolism
💚 Soothe aching muscles
💚 Relieve stress
💚 Help you breathe easier
💚 Promote better sleep
💚 Restore balance and peace
of mind
💚 Invigorate your senses with
eucalyptus, grapefruit and
lemon aromatherapy
How Onsen & Bloom Changed My Life
Showering used to be a necessary task, not something I loved. Not something with healing benefits. Not a serene, tranquil space, only for me.
Clarity steamers transformed my daily shower into luxurious self care, and now I crave it.
The therapeutic steam envelops me like a warm hug. I get an instant mood boost that I so desperately need to make it through long days at work.
Transform your shower experience!
Best of all, Clarity steamers are available at home whenever I want powerful benefits of eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lemon.
I step out of my shower and feel rested and restored. I breathe more freely. I smell incredible. My mind is clear and I’m energized to face the day. This is a new beginning.
Tip: Shower Steamers Offer MORE Benefits Than Bath Bombs
Who has time for baths anyway? Not me! Not anyone I know.
Unlike a shower where soothing water pours over you, you don’t get the same clean, fresh feeling from a bath. And without the hot stream of water, there’s no beneficial steam to breathe in.
After just minutes, the bath starts getting cold. The pool you’re sitting in is stagnant—it can feel like human soup! But a steamy aromatic shower is cleansing, relaxing, and luxurious.
The Transcendent Steamer Experience
Find Clarity with eucalyptus and citrus aromatherapy
Clarity steamers offer the best “me time” we all deserve. I never would have believed something so simple could create such a dramatic effect on my life.
Clarity steamers are now the most treasured part of my daily routine. I look forward to them from the moment I wake up. And I feel so much better now.
My Clarity Steamers Experience
First Impression:
This smells incredible! As the tab dissolves it’s like leaving my bathroom far behind.
Day Three:
I wake up congested but skip the allergy meds because I couldn’t wait to get in my shower. I add the Clarity steamer. I tip my face into the stream and wash away my stress. I feel my nasal passages opening up, clearing out. The good feeling lasts all day.
A Week of Clarity:
Soothed skin, pain-free, major mood improvements. My boss is a nightmare but I’ve been handling it better than ever. It’s been years since I felt so refreshed and relaxed. If you asked me a week ago? I would have told you it was impossible to feel this uplifted!
Final Thoughts
I can’t say it enough to my friends, family and everyone I care about: I recommend 100% that you try Clarity steamers.
It is so rare for something so simple to have such a significant effect on your well-being.
I’ve searched all over and never found a better way to promote full body wellness than this.
Too many of us neglect self care. We think it’s hard, or time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! For less than $2 a shower, you can indulge in your moment. All you have to lose is stress and tension!
Spa-like oasis at home for less than $2 per shower!
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Anna C.

Miami, Florida

Hannah M.
Luxury I can afford!
Reviewed in the United States on
Thu Sep 14 2023 09:38:57 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
As a busy mom, I never thought I could afford 'luxury' when it comes to self-care. But with Onsen & Bloom's Clarity Steamers, I get to indulge in a spa-like experience every day, right in my shower, and it costs less than my morning coffee! I couldn't be happier.
Natalie M.
AMAZING refreshing scent
Reviewed in the United States on
Thu Sep 14 2023 09:38:57 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
I've tried bath bombs and essential oils, but those can be pretty expensive. These Clarity Steamers are the real deal — affordable and effective. Just one tab fills my entire bathroom with calming aromas. I leave my shower feeling revitalized, all for less than $2 per session. Incredible value!
Jordan T.
It's become a part of my daily routine now
Reviewed in the United States on
Thu Sep 14 2023 09:38:57 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
I was a bit skeptical about how much a shower steamer could really do, especially at this price point. When I tried the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer for the first time, the scent was definitely refreshing, but not as strong as I initially expected. However, by my third shower, I noticed that the subtle aromas were just right for helping me relax without overwhelming my senses. For less than a couple bucks, the value is unquestionable.
As of
Wed Feb 15 2023 11:22:03 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
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Lock in your purchase before they’re all gone! You’ll get 
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Disclaimer: Important Safety Information for Using Onsen & Bloom Shower Steamers
Shower steamers are designed for use in the shower only. Do not use it as a bath bomb. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. These products contain essential oils which may cause skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. Use with caution and consult a healthcare provider before use if pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition. May make the floor more slippery, exercise caution when used. Tablets not for individual sale.
Allergy Warning: Our shower steamers are made using various natural and essential oil-based ingredients. If you are known to have allergies or sensitivities to any of these ingredients, we strongly advise against using our shower steamers. To determine if our products are safe for you, please review the list of ingredients provided.
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​​CLARITY SHOWER STEAMER INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Extract
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